Vibe Alive Programs and Events

Due to Catalyst-20 (go here if curious), all in-person Vibe Alive Programs and Events are on pause, but check out other online offerings in support of you managing your Shift in these current times!

As Certified Energy Codes Facilitators and Trainers, Martha and Elizabeth are passionate about supporting you in embodying the life you truly desire. Vibrant health, abundance and joy are our birthright. They can come to you – actually ‘through’ you – with greater ease once you begin to shift some old limiting beliefs and undesirable patterns that no longer serve you.

Whether you have been on the path of personal or spiritual growth for years or are just beginning to tap into the idea, Vibe Alive Programs and Events are a terrific way to take you to your next level of understanding and embodying the truth of who you are.

Currently, Vibe Alive Programs and Events are held in Beaufort, SC but if you are interested in bringing the program to your area, simply email 

Vibe Alive: Awaken to Your Power

Introducing The Energy Codes®, by Dr. Sue Morter. As pure, creative Universal Wisdom, you are destined to embrace your life’s purpose, find your soul’s passion and to discover your magnificence! In this 2-hour virtual workshop, you’ll learn to:

  • Manage your responses to current stressors happening all around us
  • Heal on every level of your life
  • Create a powerful shift in your reality
  • Allow more ease and flow in your daily living
  • Become happier, healthier and more successful more easily by living your true path
  • Build the energetic circuits to perceive and act on the Universal truth and wisdom that you are!
Vibe Alive Deep Dive: Uplevel Your Vibration

Quantum science shows that you are the Creator of your experience. Building on the foundation of discovering this truth, we will dive deeper into the concepts of the Energy Codes® . You’ll learn to:

  • Use the power of your mind to find the language of the soul
  • Rewrite your past & dissolve old stories for greater clarity and life purpose
  • Access the field of possibilities to manifest your hearts desire
  • Ground and integrate your whole body to awaken the healer within


Vibe Alive Next Level: Embody Your Greatness

A quantum shift in your reality, life and love is available to you and can happen in an instant. The Energy Codes is a powerful 7-step system that provides the road map to show you how. In this 4-hour interactive program, you will:

  • Discover anchoring techniques to stop living in your head to stop creating stress and anxiety
  • Clear subconscious blocks with B.E.S.T. Release
  • Practice intentional breathwork for energy release and physical and emotional healing
  • Find peace with yourself and harmony with others