Tools You Can Use

There are many powerful Energy Codes practices that can be incorporated into your daily routine to create remarkable changes in your health as well as your life.

They are written in The Energy Codes book and are also taught in our Vibe Alive Programs and Events (V.A.P.E)

For those who need a reminder or haven’t been able to get the book or to a program, here are some brief videos of some of the tools you can use!

Central Channel Breath

We are comprised of energy frequencies that correspond to sound vibration and ‘light’. Ultimately, at the smallest measurable level, all physical matter is simply energy held in various forms. On a larger scale, the space between all particles of physical matter is just as significant to its expression.

To improve health and vitality in the physical body and in our lives, we must recreate and maintain ‘space’ between the particles within the tissues. The breath allows us to do that.

Central channel breathing allows us to move the breath within the body, clearing out old energetic ‘gunk’ and establishing greater expansion and space where there was contraction and energy density.

Morter March

Developed by Dr. M.T. Morter over 25 years ago, the Morter March continues to be the most simple and effective way to update your nervous system and re-align your mind/body in just a few minutes a day. This contra-lateral procedure re-times both hemispheres of the brain while updating the conscious and subconscious minds.  It can be used at any time, in any location for any reason.

Whether you are just trying to calm yourself, bring clarity, stretch your muscles and joints or anchor in intentions and goals, this exercise is for you.  It seems too simple to be so powerful but ask the thousands of people who have incorporated this into their daily life, and you might just change your mind. Matter of fact, just doing the Morter March will change your mind….for the better!  Try it.

M Power Step

The M Power Step adds a few elements to the Morter March to enhance your subtle energy field, including your chakra system, in combination with your nervous system.

It accentuates the central channel, creating more photon density in the core, resulting in quicker release of old, unwanted patterns that keep us stuck.