Shifting the C-Word…And, it’s Affect on Your Health

Words mean things, but more importantly words make us feel things, whether we are aware of it or not.  Every thought, word and deed has a energetic frequency that affects us all…..individually and collectively…. through vibrational resonance or dissonance. Some words, both positive and negative, are felt subtly while others can create a clear emotional or visceral reaction. Over time, repetitive words or phrases, especially ones with strong emotions attached, can actually create an embedded energetic Read More

What Do You Really Want?

Just take a moment to really allow yourself to ask that question? If nothing popped into your awareness immediately, begin to pay attention to your thoughts and out loud statements that begin with ‘I want’. It may be “I want ice cream, a new car, ┬ámy children to be happy and successful, those cool shoes, etc”. Or, maybe you grew up in a culture that taught you to want for nothing, you have everything you Read More