Pre-Sent from the Past Into the Future

We are living in a very exciting time as human consciousness continues to expand in ways that, even a few years ago, were only shared by a small number of open-minded individuals and certainly not in a public arena.  Now the lines that have kept so many structures separate are beginning to soften, blur or completely vaporize as families and communities come together to discuss ways to grow, create change and evolve as an enlightened Read More

It’s Simply Magic….By Design

Over the years, as I have learned about bioenergetics, pain/stress/energy management, quantum science and vibrational medicine, I have come to the conclusion that it’s all simply magic, defined as “an extraordinary power from a supernatural source.” The four statements that make up the foundation of how I live and coach are: 1. Everything is energy, including you and me, 2. Every single thing is designed in perfection, 3. We create our own reality through the Read More

Awaken to the BEST in YOU

Wake up, wake up, wake up I say!  Apparently, as a small child, this was how I nudged people in my family to get them to stir, but my mouth couldn’t form the “w” well so it sounded more like “ake up.” Don’t you just love those family stories about experiences that you can’t even recall and haven’t a clue whether they are true or not? Either way, they have landed in the legacy file Read More