Sacred Space Transformation

Imagine that you’ve just enjoyed a lovely massage and a relaxing walk to clear your mind. You’re now feeling super-inspired to create what you’ve had in your heart or mind for a while. You excitedly enter the space you’ve set aside for doing just that and…..wham! You suddenly feel anxiety rising as you see, everywhere, stacks of “stuff”….magazines, bills, dishes, whatever. Now the frustration rises as the phone rings or the kids are yelling for you. So, you just close the door and carry on, with the chaos overriding the calm you had just a moment ago and your creation is still uncreated.

Does this feel familiar?

You’ve been working on healing yourself on the levels of mind/body/spirit, but what about your physical environment? Well, they actually go hand in hand!

Our personal places and spaces are reflections of ourselves, and they can either support us or distract us. Let us help you reclaim a supportive environment by transforming your sacred space, one room at a time.

Let’s Create Your Sacred Space
As professional organizers aka ‘clutter managers’, we are interested in getting you to that place of ease as quick and painless as possible. 

With our help, you’ll decide if each item goes in a STOW (keep), THROW (toss), GO (give away) or I DON’T KNOW (yet) pile.  Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through the IDK pile so each item gets distributed to one of the other piles and take the THROW and GO items away that same day.

Then the fun of creating can begin as we replace the STOW items in an organized and attractive way that feels good to YOU!

All you need to do now is to choose the space and the amount of time you wish to spend on transforming that area and one or both of us will be there to help you create the sacred space of your dreams!

One Clutter Manager

5 Hours: $250

10 Hours: $450

20 Hour: $800

Two Clutter Managers

5 Hours: $450

10 Hours: $800

20 Hours: $1450

If you’re ready, simply send one of us an email:

Elizabeth Bergmann

Martha O’Regan