Functional Medicine Health Coaching

Functional Medicine is a model of health care that addresses the underlying causes of disease and engages both patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership. Some physicians reference it as Lifestyle Medicine.

As a Functional Medicine Health Coach, I can be the bridge between what your physician is recommending for lifestyle changes, your personal goals and whatever is preventing you from getting there!

We all know that change can be a challenge until we are fully committed to making that change. We also know that if left to our own devices, a commitment can remain a ‘nice idea’ for a very long time….until it becomes too much of a burden or distraction from living the life we truly desire.

Once there is a strong enough desire and a full commitment, it still requires time, effort, knowledge, and most importantly….support!  It is not the responsibility of our spouse, parent, partner, child, doctor, best friend or pet to get us on track and hold us accountable to the changes we want or need to make.

This is where a coach comes in!  Even though ultimately, creating change is your responsibility since you are the one living in your body and life, a  coach can share the responsibility in keeping you on track, offer suggestions and support, and lovingly hold you to your dreams, goals and desires!

Where to begin! This is the hardest but most important step of all. If you’re past thinking and talking about making change, and ready to consider taking action, let’s chat and see if we are a good fit. Doctor’s referrals may be required for certain conditions and can be determined in our consultation. Simply find a spot on my calendar by clicking here to get started!  If there isn’t a spot that works, email me at with some options.

I Am Here for You and Your Health….Are YOU?