What Do You Really Want?

Just take a moment to really allow yourself to ask that question? If nothing popped into your awareness immediately, begin to pay attention to your thoughts and out loud statements that begin with ‘I want’. It may be “I want ice cream, a new car,  my children to be happy and successful, those cool shoes, etc”. Or, maybe you grew up in a culture that taught you to want for nothing, you have everything you Read More

What Am I Pretending Not To Know?

This question rose up in me several months ago and I jotted it down like I do when something comes to mind that doesn’t feel like my own — something that is deep but feels really important to ponder. Frankly, I didn’t really like this question so I turned the page quickly only to stumble on it several times since then … again, just moving right along.  But each time the question was repeated in Read More

Why Do I Always Do That?

Do you ever catch yourself reacting or behaving a certain way, and wonder “why do I always do that”?  Do you ever wish you could stop?  You can—once you become aware of the behavior or pattern and decide you’ve had enough, change can begin.  It is actually quite simple—not always easy.  Our beliefs are often someone else’s that are set up at a very early age yet continue to program our responses and reactions whether Read More

Pre-Sent from the Past Into the Future

We are living in a very exciting time as human consciousness continues to expand in ways that, even a few years ago, were only shared by a small number of open-minded individuals and certainly not in a public arena.  Now the lines that have kept so many structures separate are beginning to soften, blur or completely vaporize as families and communities come together to discuss ways to grow, create change and evolve as an enlightened Read More

Would You Say That to a Friend?

Would you say any of the following to a friend… You are such an idiot, You can’t do anything right, I can’t believe you are so stupid, You are pathetic excuse for a human being, You look so fat and ugly in that dress. Somehow I doubt that most people would dare say any of those things to anyone they know, much less love. So, why do people say those things to and about themselves? Read More

Can You Hear Me Now?

Hey! Are you even listening? Hello…anyone in there?  What do I need to do to get your attention?! Why are you ignoring me?! Have you ever been desperately trying to get the attention of someone you love only to feel like you are on the other side of two way mirror where you are screaming and they can’t hear or see you?  This must be how the body feels when it senses trouble in the Read More

Have You Ever Stopped to Think?

And forgot to start again? When I saw this bumper sticker many years ago, I laughed out loud with a response of ‘yep…all day long’.  How many times a day do you get distracted by all the ‘bright shiny objects’ that continuously vie for our attention?  Do you get to the end of a day with that ‘to do’ list still full? And, who doesn’t walk into a room and wonder ‘why did I come Read More

“I Can’t Cook……

….But I made this potato soup. It’s kinda bland, but…..” This is a true statement given from a lovely, giving person responding in service to a meal calendar for a mutual friend dealing with a health challenge. I am continually amazed at how often people will discredit themselves as a preface for something they did or created. Do you do this? If so….Stop It! I say this in loving jest, but I say it all the Read More