You Might be in the Co-VOID if….

I wonder if any or all of these scenarios resonate with you….. You have gone from absolutely knowing your purpose to having no clue and zero desire to attempt to discover it, much less live it. You are much more interested in organizing or rearranging furniture than how you’re going to pay next months bills. You find yourself just staring out the window, looking at absolutely nothing without a thought or care in the world Read More

Shifting the C-Word…And, it’s Affect on Your Health

Words mean things, but more importantly words make us feel things, whether we are aware of it or not.  Every thought, word and deed has a energetic frequency that affects us all…..individually and collectively…. through vibrational resonance or dissonance. Some words, both positive and negative, are felt subtly while others can create a clear emotional or visceral reaction. Over time, repetitive words or phrases, especially ones with strong emotions attached, can actually create an embedded energetic Read More

He Said, She Heard

Good communication is the gateway to everything from relationships to entertainment to prosperity and even to our health.  When cells, people, computers, reporters, etc. aren’t providing clear communication, information is skewed creating misunderstandings, dis-ease, frustration, and estrangement.  A common theme I encounter in my coaching practice is stress around poor communication whether it be in the family, at a job or with a friend. The old favorite ‘she (he) said, he (she) heard’ gerbil wheel gets the Read More

Wake Up and Begin Again

I awoke from a dream yesterday morning, the day after Christmas, feeling both tensed and relieved. I wonder  if you ever have one of those dreams where you are trying desperately to get somewhere but keep bumping into sooooo many obstacles that your destination seems to get further away and absolutely impossible to find? In my dream, I needed to get to the airport but despite all best efforts, it wasn’t happening and even in my Read More

It’s Not Okay to Go Until it is Okay to Stay

Wherever you go…there you are That’s right; you can never get away from you, no matter how hard you try. A common theme with new clients is the thought that they need to change jobs, homes, relationships, etc. when they aren’t happy or things aren’t going as they had always hoped. They aren’t often thrilled with the idea that if they run, they are still dragging along the same issues to the next thing. Our Read More

Expect the Unexpected When You Least Expect It

Even when you don’t even realize you are searching for answers to life’s tough questions, sometimes answers appear in strange yet magical ways and wake you up.  I have come to believe we all have an opportunity to ‘awaken’ to our purpose on the planet, yet too often life is so busy and noisy that we either miss the signs or misinterpret the messages. Back in the day, not too very long ago, when I Read More

This Shift Just Doesn’t Work for ME!

What do you do when…. Shift Continues to Hit the Fan! Oh, if I had a nickle….. This may not always be the exact way folks ask me, but it is certainly the theme behind why most people decide to work with me. With the vast array of information out there relating to health and wellness, mind/body/spirit, self-care, nutrition, finding your purpose, gaining clarity, following your heart, etc., there seem to be more folks still struggling just Read More

Let’s Get Really Clear

What-Are-You-Talking-About….? I have two teenage daughters, very close in age, and while they are quite different today, their differences were more extreme when they were younger. They were 4 and 5 on this particular day when we were headed to town. My oldest, the extrovert, was doing her usual jabbering on about whatever she felt like sharing and I was interjecting my obligatory ‘uh huh’s, really’s and you don’t say’s’ despite my lack of clarity of what Read More

This is Me….

Every person in our life has the potential for teaching us something and my 17 year old daughter is no exception. Recently she was dog sitting a big dog and decided she had always wanted to run with a big dog so on goes the running shoes for her and the leash for Frodo and off they went..almost! Frodo’s focus was ‘see a tree, gotta pee’ so there wasn’t much running going on, so she Read More

When Reality Becomes Really Real

As an enlightened, empowered and awakened individual, what do you do when reality becomes really real?  As we continue to evolve in consciousness and learn to live by such empowering concepts as: ~I create my own reality ~Everything that shows up is a vibrational match to what I am ‘putting out there’ ~Its’ all good and part of a Divine Unfolding ‘for’ my growth and evolution When shift happens, it becomes easier to manage than staying stuck in: Read More