BEMER for dogs and cats

BEMER is also safe and effective for your animal companions.

BEMER is designed to improve circulation thereby support the body’s natural self-regulating processes. Since they, too, have a circulatory system, dogs and cats (gerbils, horses, birds and more) can benefit from the improved microcirculation that BEMER provides. 

Dogs that receive BEMER applications can have increased mobility, energy and vitality, according to many human companions and veterinarians. Cats can, too……well, you know cats, only if they choose to!

Here are some of the animals we’ve “BEMER‘d“:

Zeal with elizabeth

he’s a real SC pup! (check out his chest markings)

Birdie and her mom enjoy a session

Armani and pal relaxing before bed

Fen’s belly feeling better.

Tigger. yup, cats love to get IN…

Bosephus chillin’

yeah, dogs can copy-cat….

ahhh, puppy bliss~

Want to know more? elizabeth bergmann is an independent BEMER distributor and can answer your questions! Check out her website by clicking HERE!