Shifting the C-Word…And, it’s Affect on Your Health

Words mean things, but more importantly words make us feel things, whether we are aware of it or not.  Every thought, word and deed has a energetic frequency that affects us all…..individually and collectively…. through vibrational resonance or dissonance. Some words, both positive and negative, are felt subtly while others can create a clear emotional or visceral reaction.

Over time, repetitive words or phrases, especially ones with strong emotions attached, can actually create an embedded energetic patterning that is continuously looping throughout our nervous system forcing it to respond in basically one of two ways….survival (fight or flight) or thrival(rest and digest).

2 things to know about our nervous system:

  • It cannot be in both flight/fight and rest/digest at the same time
  • We are designed to be in rest/digest the majority of time only jumping to flight/fight when there is a real or perceived, emergency 

In our ‘sky is falling’ culture, it can appear that everything is an emergency that we must overcome or ‘survive’, leaving most folks stuck in fight/flight 24/7.  This can create inappropriate chemical responses (hormones, neurotransmitters, enzymes, etc.), leading to over or under stimulation and ultimate exhaustion of one or more systems, resulting in symptoms and dis-ease due to the inability to rest/digest/heal.

Good news…’s all Shiftable, starting now!

Let’s start with shifting the ‘C-Word’… know, the one with a dash and double digit that we are being continuously bombarded with…. and it’s impact on our nervous system and health.  Suffice it to say….because there so many emotions and vibration around that word alone, it can have a HUGE impact on multiple levels of our physiology, regardless of our level of involvement with the illness itself. We have found this to be very true with most of my clients receiving remote B.E.S.T. treatments. Just having them think the C-word activates a feeling in one or more areas in their body that once we identify, can then clear. The trick is not allowing it get stuck in the system again which is why we came up with the idea of shifting the word that can vibe at a completely different frequency.

In contemplating what to shift the old C-word to, the word Catalyst-20 appeared. It doesn’t matter who or where we are, the current circumstance can certainly be a catalyst for our growth and evolution, if we will allow it.

Whether you use catalyst-20 or something else, the invitation is to interrupt the use of the old C-word as often as possible to help break up the disruptive patterns in the brain and body. Perhaps ask a friend or family member to join you in the game of elimination and shift by consciously eliminating and/or shifting the energy around the word as quickly as possible, using a shift in thought, your breath or simply shaking it off.

Have some fun in noticing the number of times it pops up and/or opportunities to shift it.

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