He Said, She Heard

Good communication is the gateway to everything from relationships to entertainment to prosperity and even to our health.  When cells, people, computers, reporters, etc. aren’t providing clear communication, information is skewed creating misunderstandings, dis-ease, frustration, and estrangement. 

A common theme I encounter in my coaching practice is stress around poor communication whether it be in the family, at a job or with a friend. The old favorite ‘she (he) said, he (she) heard’ gerbil wheel gets the award as the most frustrating since there never seems to be a resolution as it continues on into infinity. The good news is once we move from being in it or being right about it and move into observation of it, we can pick up the needle to play a new song; we basically need to change the frequency around it so it can be received on a new wavelength.  

Due to our history with someone and the personal filters we bring to any given moment, we can literally be speaking two completely different vibrational languages that can’t be heard on our individual radio stations.  Have you ever come to a conversation planning to share from your heart with love and compassion only to have it go a sideways, perhaps even resulting in slammed doors and the familiar accusations of ‘you always do this’, ‘you never do that’ or my personal fave, ‘you just don’t get it….whatever’ still hanging in the air!  Apparently, the recipient of your loving share was somewhere else altogether and just couldn’t receive the message.  This is just one example of energetic dissonance.

So, how do you shift such an experience to create energetic resonance…one that is cohesive, integrated. in harmony and most importantly, heard? There are many, but there is one particular mantra that I’ve been sharing with clients for the last 14 years that has been particularly helpful that I thought I’d share with you.   

As with any mantra/intention, repetition is key so put this in motion often and well in advance of any planned conversation or presentation, or as a blanket intention for when the moment arises. So, here it is…

I allow my words to come (or, I speak my truth)  with grace, ease, clarity and confidence and received with same. 

Feel free to change the vibrations to fit your needs and personality, but the last three words are paramount…don’t leave those out! This allows the energy to arrange itself in advance so your receiver is on the same wavelength making it easier to be heard. As you think it/say it over and over again, try to activate the feelings you’d like to experience when it goes as you desire. For example, if you wish the outcome to produce feelings of ease and joy, imagine what that will feel like in your body and produce it while repeating the statement.  Yes, you are making it up! That is how it works. 

My clients and I have witnessed countless uncanny and cool things over the years using this mantra, so I invite you to try it! I’d love to hear how it goes. beaufortbioenergetics@gmail.com

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