What Do You Really Want?

Just take a moment to really allow yourself to ask that question?

If nothing popped into your awareness immediately, begin to pay attention to your thoughts and out loud statements that begin with ‘I want’. It may be “I want ice cream, a new car,  my children to be happy and successful, those cool shoes, etc”. Or, maybe you grew up in a culture that taught you to want for nothing, you have everything you need, have faith, God will provide, yet you are looking at double digits in your bank account with a stack of bills and 3 hungry mouths to feed.

I believe we all want the same thing and that is freedom. Freedom from stress, freedom to express joy and elation, freedom to choose, freedom and just be at ease in life. So, if all want it, why doesn’t everybody have it? Because, we were never taught how to truly get what we want.

We are designed in a way that when we use our mind, body and spirit to create our life differently, we don’t have to want for anything and we will have everything we need and with true faith, all will be provided. And, it isn’t as hard as you think. It just requires a shift of perspective and a few simple tools that costs nothing.

I invite you re-evaluate your ‘want’ list and ask yourself how each item on your list or what you hear yourself say throughout a day, will make you feel if you had it. For example, if I had that new shirt, I’d feel sassy, elated, contented, alive. Next, do a body scan and see where you feel those in your body and consider the quality of those feelings. Are you buzzy, open, jittery, warm, etc.?

You see, by design, it is all about the vibration or the frequency of the feeling that determines what we create in our lives. If we are constantly putting out the contracted vibe of frustration, we will attract more experiences to make us frustrated, contracting our internal environment, creating tight muscles, headaches and back pain, irritating our digestive system, and generally putting stress on our entire system.  So, conversely by going back to ‘want’ list and feeling the contentment, ease and joy of having that which you desire and by making this a daily practice, you will begin attracting more experiences to match those feelings. You may not receive the exact things you are wanting, but you will begin to feel the freedom that comes when you have faith that all will be provided right on time.

Live Awake….Have Fun!

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