It’s Not Okay to Go Until it is Okay to Stay

Wherever you go…there you are

That’s right; you can never get away from you, no matter how hard you try. A common theme with new clients is the thought that they need to change jobs, homes, relationships, etc. when they aren’t happy or things aren’t going as they had always hoped. They aren’t often thrilled with the idea that if they run, they are still dragging along the same issues to the next thing.

Our outer world is a direct reflection of our inner world.  I know….stinks sometimes doesn’t it? But, by learning how to manage the inner energies, you’ll be able to watch your external environment and circumstances shift as a result. Keep in mind those shifts aren’t always what you ‘think’ they should be, but they are always a match to your internal vibrations. So, when you don’t particularly like what is showing up, go inside and see what you can shake up through breath, thought, dance, etc. so you can send out a different vibe. Then, keep watching and shifting until you like what you see and feel.

(An important note: an unpleasant situation is far different than an unsafe one…do not rely solely on this internal work if your conditions are unsafe….certainly use it but also seek help to provide a safe space so you can continue the work…sometimes shift takes some time) 

You are responsible for YOU!  There is no one else out there who knows you or can take care of you, better than you.  Not your spouse, doctor, parent, partner, child, sibling, no one.  You are your greatest ally as well as your worst enemy.  Only you can get you in trouble and only you can get you out.  It is you that makes choices—both good and bad.  No more excuses, no more waiting for the miraculous alternative to exercising or cheeseburgers, no more ‘if only this, that or the other thing would occur, then I will be happy’ statements.  Its time to dig in there and ‘re-connect’ with all of you; time to just sit down and introduce yourself to all of you and decide its time to be friends to begin working together for your highest good.

Mind, meet body…Body, meet Spirit, Spirit, meet mind’ Now that the introductions are complete, its time to figure out your new arrangement.  No longer can your mind override spirit in getting your body in gear or choosing a healthy alternative to that cheeseburger.  Now that you have re-cognized your relationship, body can become more in tune to minds ramblings to ignore spirit. As an example, mind says ‘oh, just turn off that alarm clock and skip the workout—who will know anyway?’  Uh hum….spirit will….then mind will have to hear about it all day, eventually fatiguing the body from carrying the guilt all day.  So not worth it….better to just listen to spirit and get up!  Ultimately body and mind feel better, and spirit is happy—it’s all good.

Trust me, there is still the daily debate amongst the three of us, but now it’s with delightful banter and a trust that we’ve got each others back.  I invite you to give it a try and have some fun with it by giving each entity its own name and establish a working dialogue amongst them—preferably with kindness and ease rather than annoyance and sarcasm.

This is YOUR Life: As you continue to nurture this relationship within yourself, know that ‘this is my life’ no one else’s.  Not in a selfish ‘it’s all about me’ energy, but an ‘oh my gosh, this is my life, what am I going to do with it’ energy.  You get to choose your hopes, dreams and desires and how you are going to achieve them and who will be a part of it.  You also get to relish in your own successes as well as learn from your own mistakes, allowing spirit to remind you ‘not to do that again’.

Understanding that your physiology is directly connected to your thoughts, emotions and perspectives allows you to choose wisely for your overall health and well-being. Once you decide that taking time for you, doing what you love to do, being with who you love to be with and doing it authentically, your life will begin unfolding with more grace, ease and fun.

You may as well have fun getting to know all of YOU and enjoying the rest of your ride here on planet earth….since it’s where YOU are and you have to take YOU wherever you go anyway! 

One thought on “It’s Not Okay to Go Until it is Okay to Stay

  1. Elizabeth says:

    This is SO relatable for me and I have taken the liberty to pass this on to a friend of mine whom I coach as she is dealing with this very issue and I knew your wise words would support her!
    It’s so good to connect in this way and Love seeing what your up to and reading some of your posts!

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