Can You Hear Me Now?

Hey! Are you even listening? Hello…anyone in there?  What do I need to do to get your attention?! Why are you ignoring me?!
Have you ever been desperately trying to get the attention of someone you love only to feel like you are on the other side of two way mirror where you are screaming and they can’t hear or see you?  This must be how the body feels when it senses trouble in the system and can’t get our attention long enough to get us to elicit necessary change.  Sure, we notice an ‘ouch’ or a little fatigue one day that may be a little louder the next day, but we grab an advil and an energy shot and keep moving right along.  Days, weeks, months go by with this protocol doing the trick, keeping us moving harder and faster through the day—it’s all good.  Then, we begin to notice, we’re not sleeping as well as we used to.  Must be the extra stress we’re dealing with, nothing that a little sleep aid can’t help us out with.  Months go by with the butterflies helping provide adequate slumber without changing a single habit—it’s all good.  Then we begin to notice being a little more ‘gassy’ or feeling a bit of indigestion, but no worries, there is a product for that too.  You’ve seen the commercial; just pop a purple pill before eating at Rosie’s Diner—it’s all good.
Next thing we know, this first line of products isn’t quite doing the trick and we have to move to the next ‘tier’, getting frustrated in our inability to do all the things we once were able to.  We may even be taking something for the annoyance created by that other thing we were taking, but—it’s all good.  And, all the while we ignore what the messages are actually trying to tell us—Dude (or Dudette) we are out of balance!!  We can’t keep living like this and expect to feel good!  Yeah, yeah, yeah……that’s not what the commercials say.
Wellness is no secret, nor is it only for the ‘elite’ or the ‘tree huggers’—it is everywhere and for everybody!  Matter of fact, you can’t get away from it; it’s in the media, doctors offices, billboards, etc., but you can choose to ignore it.  With all that we know today about health, in many cases it is a choice to be sick, since most illnesses in our society today are lifestyle induced and lifestyle is a choice. The body is designed in perfection and to survive. Period.  It is the perfect feedback system for what is going on and will continue throwing flags into your awareness when there is a glitch in the programming.  It is up to you to recognize those early flags as ‘signs’ and begin making changes before they become full blown symptoms and ultimately a disease or syndrome.
A few examples: fatigue, headaches, and joint pain can simply be dehydration, so begin with increasing your plain old fashioned H20 and decreasing other beverages, especially the ‘diet’ or ‘free’ ones.  Chronic respiratory or digestive issues can be related to nutrition so eat less of everything across the board, then begin substituting the processed foods with whole foods.  Cut your TV and computer time in half, read something fun or enlightening, move more, and join a yoga or dance class.  There’s a doctor in Texas who often writes a prescription that says ‘laugh for 15 seconds twice a day’, then follow up in two weeks.  Patients report feeling much better and end up not needing the prescription they thought they did.  Research indicates that fake laughter is just as beneficial as real laughter—so laugh!  We’ve started this around our house and despite the strange looks from my children, they begin laughing with me—it’s all good.
So, start listening to what you body is telling you and Live Well…..Have Fun!

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