This Shift Just Doesn’t Work for ME!

What do you do when….
Shift Continues to Hit the Fan!

Oh, if I had a nickle…..

This may not always be the exact way folks ask me, but it is certainly the theme behind why most people decide to work with me. With the vast array of information out there relating to health and wellness, mind/body/spirit, self-care, nutrition, finding your purpose, gaining clarity, following your heart, etc., there seem to be more folks still struggling just to get through a day, week, month or year? We have so much knowledge yet so many who are still sick and tired or who just can’t seem to get a break in life…..can you relate?

I believe we live in a time that I call the *F* Generation….those desperately seeking Freedom yet are stuck in daily Frustration, Fatigue and/or general Freaked-outness (yes, I make up words) . Despite all the how-to videos and books, supplements, nutritional programs and a strong desire for change, most people continue to find themselves stuck in the familiar negative patterns and behaviors and in some cases, just getting worse. 

There is no question, there is a tremendous shift occurring all over our planet and in most cases, happening very, very fast. So fast in fact that it actually creates friction in our body, making all those *f* vibrations seem even more intense, often taking the *f* vibration up a notch or two to full on FEAR! As an example, I’d imagine that if you are one to follow the news, the weather, and/or the politicians, you have found yourself feeling some *f-ing* shifts in the body. These shifts can show up in the body as pain, sleeplessness, headaches, anxiety/depression, digestive disorders, or possibly even as numb. They can also manifest in our lives as struggle, lack, confusion or overwhelment, just to name a few.

I wonder if you’ve ever connected the dots between what is going on in your external world to what is happening in your internal world? As an embodiment coach, the first thing I teach is Body A-Where-ness….becoming aware of where life is showing up in the body which then allows us to play with ways to interpret the message and shift the uncomfortable ones and expand the others.

I invite you to take a moment right now to check in to your body….are you feeling any area activated?  What is your heart rate doing? Is there a partiucular area feeling more cranky than another? Just note what you note without any judgement…just awareness of any area of your body that is nudging you for attention. Acknowledge the area, thank it for nudging you, take a deep breath into that area,  imagine it expanding and stretching that area from the inside out, then just heavy sigh it out letting your body soften and shift.  Repeat this a few times while considering the idea that even with all the crazy Shift going on, there is also great hope, joy and abundance available to us as well. Check back into the body and see if you can sense any change from just a moment ago.  This simple but powerful exercise can be done in as many areas as is necessary as often as you’d like. The key is to create familiarity to it so it becomes a ‘go to’ response when your Shift Hits the Fan!

It’s not that this shift doesn’t work, we were just never taught how to manage it for our own personal health and well-being…until now. If you are ready to Get Your Shift Together, email me at  In the meantime, Live Awake…Have Fun!

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