When Reality Becomes Really Real

As an enlightened, empowered and awakened individual, what do you do when reality becomes really real? 

As we continue to evolve in consciousness and learn to live by such empowering concepts as:

~I create my own reality
~Everything that shows up is a vibrational match to what I am ‘putting out there’
~Its’ all good and part of a Divine Unfolding ‘for’ my growth and evolution

When shift happens, it becomes easier to manage than staying stuck in:

~Life is just so hard…
~Blaming others for our misery
~I can’t afford, I will never have enough, I wish I could…
~Bad things always happen to me…

Learning to manage life from a ‘higher self’ perspective takes practice and does get easier over time, ultimately allowing more ease and grace in daily living.

But, what about those times when reality becomes really real? For example, how do we stay empowered when a close friend is undergoing brain surgery to remove a huge tumor while  at the same time, my community is holding space for a small child who is in critical condition or when other seemingly needless and tragic experiences quickly knocks us out of alignment? Our auto response as caring, compassionate human beings is of course, worry, upset, sadness, fear, anger, etc.  I mean, these are terrible and hard things….we should feel this way…..right?

Awareness is half the battle: The two examples mentioned above were really real for me last week and as I sat on my dock with my feelings of helplessness, I became very aware of my mind’s auto response to low frequency thoughts and emotions by how they felt in my body. After allowing myself to feel and release what needed to be felt and released, I then felt a strong nudge to shift my perspective and to re-align with the energy of ‘All That Is’ through the vibrations of gratitude and awe. Admittedly, due to past programming, there was a twinge of guilt as I ‘felt bad’ for allowing myself to not ‘feel bad’ that these circumstances were occurring.

Aligning in service. Realizing that no one is served by limiting our faith or worrying about things beyond our control, we can choose to be in greater service for all involved by enhancing and expanding our own healing frequency of love, sending it out for all to use. By seeing ourselves as the electro-magnetic conduits of light and love that we are, while using our embodiment tools to get the cells in our body expanding, vibrating and buzzing at the highest frequency possible, we align with a Higher Power and be of greater support.

Awe of the Magnificence: Once I envisioned these two circumstances in their highest potential and began to really feel the awe of the magnificence of every little thing around me, I was able to quickly move into the alignment of trust that all is exactly as it is supposed to be…rather than in any judgement or belief that it just ‘shouldn’t be this way’.  As soon as I felt myself shift within at the core of my being, just like magic, several dolphins began frolicking right off the dock, leading me to into a stronger trust that there truly is a Divine Unfolding and that all will be well…..even when we don’t understand how or why.

When reality get really real for you, allow yourself time to feel and release what needs to be felt and released. Then check in and become aware of any low vibrational thoughts and emotions, choose to align with your Higher Power and be in awe of the magnificence that is all around…it really is real!

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