This is Me….

Every person in our life has the potential for teaching us something and my 17 year old daughter is no exception. Recently she was dog sitting a big dog and decided she had always wanted to run with a big dog so on goes the running shoes for her and the leash for Frodo and off they went..almost! Frodo’s focus was ‘see a tree, gotta pee’ so there wasn’t much running going on, so she took him on home.

When she got home, she shared this story including the statement…After a few minutes, I observed that ‘this is me not running’ and took Frodo home and resumed her exercise. I loved that she was able to observe herself and simply shift her plan, rather than getting all frustrated and forcing herself (and Frodo) to persevere just because it was what she had ‘always wanted to do’.

Ever since then I have been personally using and sharing with my coaching clients to use the statement ‘this is me _______ (fill in the blank)’, observing the situation rather than getting all in it. When we step into awareness and observation from beside, behind or above ourselves, we can get such a better perspective of our behaviors, reactions, posture, etc. which allows us to alter course or shift something within, creating greater grace and ease.

So, what are you observing your ‘me’ doing? Is it in alignment with your values, goals and desires? Or, does it feel forced, dis-integrated or imbalanced? I invite you to begin checking in often throughout your day observing your actions, thoughts and experiences and use anything that feels off kilter to be your guide to re-aligning and pulling your shift together. Live Awake…Have Fun!

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