Your Magnificent Shift

Since we create our own reality anyway….what the heck….let’s make it magnificent! 
The concept of managing the energies of our mind, body and spirit has long been ridiculed, misunderstood, and undervalued for eons, being referenced as woo woo, evil, sacrilegious and nonsensical.  Fortunately, it is now being widely accepted and utilized in every aspect of the human experience.  Even if we can’t touch it or see it, we can manage it.
Most scientific and a few religious entities are now proving and/or saying, often in a round about way, basically the same thing… We are powerful co-creators of our life experience; meaning we have the great capacity to manage the energies within and around us for greater health, happiness and success…by design.  As electromagnetic conduits of light and sound, we have the ability to choose and use the exchange of that energy for our own good and the good of the planet.
Sounds so simple but I for one, know it isn’t always easy….that is, right up until it is. But, once you learn how to notice what needs to shift and which tool to use in that moment, it becomes a part of your daily practice and before you know it, you feel better, have more energy, feel more fulfilled in your work and relationships and just overall feel more joyful and alive.
Your Story is My Story
From a vibrational standpoint, our stories are the same but with different people, places and circumstances. The similarities play out in the various symphonies of feelings and emotions that we all have vibrating inside of us and easily accessed in a milli-blip (really flipping fast) based on our personal thoughts, perspectives, experiences and memories. These positive and negative frequencies then ignite correlating messages from the brain into the body activating a cascade of chemicals and electrical impulses informing the body of it’s current state of stress or rest. Most illness, pain patterns and other dysfunctions are a result of chronic physical, emotional and/or chemical stress. One would think that knowing this both scientifically as well as anecdotally, stress management or energy management would be taught and encouraged at a very young age. But, I guess until we experience it’s affects, we wouldn’t believe it anyway.
My personal journey, just like yours, began learning how to ‘be’ in the world based on the beliefs of the big people in my life during those formative years. These beliefs were the foundation that I
ultimately built my life on for many decades because I never learned any other way. One day, I woke up and began realizing that these beliefs weren’t really mine and were actually causing physical and mental breakdown, beginning my awakening and desire for a new way to live.
Building this new foundation meant creating some new beliefs while chipping away at the old ones, bit by bit, day by day. Some days it was the most important project I could focus on, while others, I’d find myself forgetting that the project even existed. Moments and days of exhilaration, courage and clarity were often interspersed with the confusion, exhaustion and fear representing the commonality of the awakening process that we are each designed to go through as we evolve and grow into a more conscious human.
Dancing within the Uni-verse (One Song)
While each person’s Symphony of Awakening is unique in intensity and duration, they all begin with a inward nudge asking ‘does it really have to be this hard’? or ‘how in the heck did I get here’? Searching for the answers involves a similar dance of learning, understanding, forgetting, learning again, accepting,
forgiving, learning, understanding, forgetting, allowing, listening, forgiving, creating and ultimately manifesting a life with more joy and ease than where we were once headed.
So, where are you in the awakening process? Still wrapped up in a safe cocoon unaware and in the dark? Just peeking out over the covers? Beginning to stretch your wings but still too afraid to fly? Or, are you flying and falling with longer stretches of flying between the falls? Wherever you are, trust yourself and your journey. The real YOU is the nudge, that still small voice within asking the questions, the one that keeps you learning and knowing that you are a powerful co-creator of your life experience.  It’s your life so may as well make it a good one, right?
You are already powerful…why not use that God given power to create the most magnificent life of joy, love and abundance….by design. Live Awake…..Have Fun!

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