We are so excited to share with YOU how to connect the B.E.S.T. of you to the REST of YOU!

Martha O’Regan and Elizabeth Bergmann have joined together to educate, enhance and enliven you from the inside out through BEMER technology and B.E.S.T. (BioEnergetic Synchronization Technique).

So…..what is “BioEnergetics”?

“BioEnergetics rests on the simple proposition that each person is her/his own body. The more alive your body is, the more you are in the world. We all would like to be and feel more alive, and bioenergetics can help us get there.

BioEnergetics is a therapeutic technique to help a person get back together with her/his body and to help her/him enjoy – to the fullest degree possible – the life of the body.”     ~ Alexander Lowen

Do YOU want to be more “in the world”? Do you want to feel more alive? Are you enjoying the life of YOUR body?

The secret we want to share is that our bodies are Divinely designed to heal themselves!

In collaboration with your body and your readiness, we employ energy medicine to assist you on your journey of self-care. Let us dance with you back to the life of ease, flow and JOY that our bodies were originally designed to support.

How does an approach sound that is non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical and non-addictive? One that is tailored, specific, works with nature’s therapeutics AND is effective? Great, so what’s the catch? As the saying goes, “if you want different results, you’ve got to be willing to do something different!” It happens when you summon your willingness to be open beyond what you’ve known and done until now.

Here’s the thing: as Divine beings having a human experience, we encounter life through the vessel of our physical form. After a few decades of living in this body, we may think we’re very clear about how it works – and how it doesn’t.  This is especially true when we find ourselves living our days in exhaustion, discomfort and depression and not sure what to do about it, but determined to find answers besides dangerous medications and ineffective procedures.

And quantum science is now showing that we are so much more than we can see, touch and hear!  Our bodies are miracles on so many levels!  As a prime example: beneath our skin, our hearts pump blood, nutrients and oxygen through 74,000 miles (really!) of arteries and veins without our having to instruct them. That is almost 3 times around planet Earth!!!

Yet, due to the exposure to a multitude of physical, emotional and chemical stressors each day, the flow through all of those tubes over time becomes sluggish or restricted, resulting in health limitations or generally not feeling our best.  This is where our FDA-approved medical device, BEMER, comes in! It enhances bloodflow; better circulation = better EVERYthing! Check out our BEMER page for more info on how you can give it a try.

Then there is our Energy body….. the part we really can’t see but are intimately connected to and responsible for every second of every day. This aspect of us is in constant communication with every particle within our body as well as our environment, transmitting and receiving valuable information that keeps us either in survival or “thrival”!

For those who are feeling stuck in any aspect of their healing journey, allow Martha to clear those subconscious interferences that can prevent healing and forward motion in daily living. She’ll employ B.E.S.T. so you can fully experience the magic that comes when your body reconnects to its own healing intelligence.

A life of ease, flow and JOY awaits – and is every single person’s Divine inheritance! We are ready to educate, enhance and enliven you from the inside out, connecting the B.E.S.T. of you to the REST of you – are YOU?

We’re at 15 Sams Point Rd. (in the Oakwood Professional Building) on Ladys Island and look forward to seeing YOU soon!

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