Soulful Connections Sailing Retreat

May 10-16, 2021

Connect with your Soulful Self 
and discover more ways to embody the Truth of who you are….
in the Virgin Islands
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Martha O’Regan and Elizabeth Bergmann offer a variety of energy medicine techniques to support your healing on all levels….helping you align mind, body, spirit and space to create a more joyful life!

We are here to introduce the YOU you think you know to the YOU who knows you best….the subtle, energy being within you just waiting to be seen, touched and heard! The YOU who ….

  • Is ready to get un-stuck from destructive patterns that no longer serve
  • Has an interest in releasing the tiresome old tapes playing in your mind
  • Desires to be, do and have more with greater ease
  • Wants to feel more vibrant and alive in all areas of life
  • Can imagine living in YOUR body with JOY…. no matter your age

Everything is Energy....including YOU!

While what you see and feel is a physical body, the bigger aspect of you is your Energy body.

It’s the part you can’t see but are intimately connected to and responsible for every second of every day. This aspect of you is in constant communication with every particle within your body and your environment. It transmits and receives valuable information that keeps you either in survival mode or “thrival”.

And we want you to thrive!

We are passionate about educating, enriching and enlivening this aspect of YOU through a variety of modalities, including….


BioEnergetic Synchronization Technique: a hands-on healing technology designed to balance the nervous system and remove subconscious interferences.

Can best be described as an energy medicine technique that gets the Body, Emotions and Spirit Talking, re-establishing proper communication of the mind, body and spirit so our health and lives can operate more efficiently with grace and ease…the way we are originally designed.


The Energy Codes

The Energy Codes® by Dr. Sue Morter provides simple and effective concepts and practices on living well in our body rather than struggling to survive from the mind.

Classes, book studies and embodiment coaching provide ample ways to begin learning to live with greater ease and flow no matter what is showing up in life.

Embody Your Greatness!


Sacred Space Transformation

You’re working on healing your mind and body, but what about your physical environment? How do you feel in it? Does it feel supportive of your dreams, goals and desires for 2020?!

Imagine a place where you can go that wraps you in a big hug….where you feel creative, inspired and calm. You deserve it!

Let us help you create sacred space in one or more areas of your home or office by clearing the clutter to allow for more flow and ease.


Located at 15 Sams Point Rd., Suite 107 (in the Oakwood Professional Building) on Ladys Island in Beaufort, SC. We are available by appointment.

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